Choosing the right web hosting service to host your personal or business website or blog is highly recommended. You might not be aware of how poor web hosting can harm your charm on internet. I am here to discuss the problems you might face with wrong or poor web hosting service.

how to find good web hosting

web hosting effects on seo

The main factors of web hosting service that highly affect our online presence and the performance of website are:

Uptime of Hosting Server: This is the main thing you must consider first when you are going to choose the hosting facility for your website. For example if some one finds you from google search results or from link on another website and visits you to find the information they are looking for, what happens when they see ‘server time out’ or ‘server busy’ error message in their browser? If this happens multiple times, you might loss many valuable visitors or online costumers.

Now suppose, if your website is down when google is about to visit your website, google might consider your site of less importance.

Although, no hosting provider offers 100% guaranteed uptime, it must not be less than 99%. Most web hosting company guarantees for 99.9% uptime.

Less responsive or poor service support: In the morning when you suddenly find your website down due to technical issue with your hosting server or your own hosting account what you will do is raise the support ticket to your service provider. The site must be restored as earliest as possible, but many poor companies failed to even response to your support ticket within 24 hrs. Professional companies always resolve the issues during the live chat if possible or maximum they take few hours depending on the type of technical issues.

Risk of poor website network hosted under shared server: Most individual or small business prefers to buy shared hosting service for the reason of low cost. This puts significant risk on your website quality when all other websites hosted on same IP address or same shared sever are very poor in quality or are being considered SPAM by major search engines. In such cases choosing big brands as your hosting provider is recommended.

Level of shared hosting: If you find for the cheap hosting service in google, you will see millions of results out there. Many small companies have started selling web space on their server being Reseller Company of the big name. Going for very cheap selection can put your website on shared server of the 2nd or even 3rd tier reseller company which may result in poor service support.

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