Whenever an individual or a businessman comes up with a new site or blog, there is always a worry for them to get it indexed. Because to show up your site or blog in Google search results the domain needs to be 6 months old and it is also needed to be updated on daily basis providing it with a fresh content. It is a tedious task and not that easy. Also one more concern is getting votes from other site, or in SEO language securing backlinks. Because as the rule says if you have many backlinks it would be easy for you to show up higher in the search results. But securing quality backlinks is also not that easy.

So we do have a solution to cope up with all. There is a free web based tool available that helps your site or blog get indexed the faster way and also help you to secure backlinks. The tool name is Website Indexer, from Phoenix Labs. This tool asks for your website URL and then it submits your URL to other websites and pings major search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing.

The sites where the tool submits your URL are generally authority sites, sites showing whois information or the website value information. These are the sites that are loved by the search engines and have higher ranking in the search results. If the search engines visit those authority sites and they find your site URL then their crawlers would find your site. Thus the search engine spiders would then index and crawl your site too. Also this way you would also be successful in securing one way quality backlinks. Thus chances have increased that now your site or blog would be crawled soon and shown higher in the search engine results due to quality backlinks.

All you need to do is download the software from the link given below:

http : //phoenixlabs. net/website-indexer-tool/

Download the software. Get yourself registered with the tool. Once registered the tool will then ask to submit your site or blog URL to it, along with the keyword that you want yourself to get your site or blog ranked in the search engine. The tool then starts the URL submission to more than 100 authority sites and also pings major search engine of their existence. Thus it helps you to secure backlinks too.

Thus from my point of view this Website Indexer SEO Tool is a tool that all the webmasters and web beginners would be interested in. It is an important tool that one can use for its site/blog betterment.