You must be surprised by my statement that you can actually rank higher just by posting on a forum!!! But this is true. Let me explain it in a simple way. Let us start with the definition of forum. Forums are basically online discussion boards. People with similar interests and background come to this online forums and share their knowledge, interests and problems. As people of similar interest gather together there are chances that you get the solution to your problem too.

Rank High in GOOGLE

Rank High in Google

Also forums are basically high traffic site after those social networking and social bookmarking sites. If you know how to surf well, you can easily find a forum that is related to the niche that you are serving. You can then get into discussion on this forums and prove you creditability. You just need to look up for the forums that have high page rank, serving your niche and has a good amount of traffic. Thus if you take care of all above mentioned things, these forums can be a huge source of traffic to your web.

Also you need to take care about the content that you are posting on such forum. If you are a genuine reader of the forum and have a good knowledge of the niche that you are serving always make sure that you are posting original and genuine content. Also be consistent in posting such content. This will establish you as a active member of the forum and also an expert of the field that you are serving. People will then be interested in reading your posts and commenting on it.

Now once when you are established an active member of the forum, you are then allowed to add signature to your posts. In the signature you are allowed to add your name and some of the reference links. You can post the link of your blog or site in the signature, and now you can drag the traffic from such forums to your site. In this way you can get a quantity and quality of the targeted traffic, many of which can turn into recurring visitors. Thus a high level of visitors means higher page rank and more the popularity of the site.

Thus in a way just by forum posting, you can drag huge traffic. And if you are a web-master, for you traffic would be everything, else you are lost or a failure. Thus you can also have backlinks to the site in the form of link from forum to your site. Thus more the number of links higher will be the page rank. Thus I hope I am successful enough to prove my statement that I have mentioned above. Just give a try and you can experience the same that I told you. :)