In this article I am going to show you the domain selection strategies and also the importance of choosing right website name for your online business success. The domain selection strategies depend on your goal for setting up the website or blog and what you want from it.

Why you need to select the right domain for website / blog?
Domain name is the main brand name for you online business. If you are dealing with your online audience, domain is the only gateway where you deal with your visitors or clients. Choosing a right domain affects in two ways to your online business. One is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the second is the mouth publicity and the readability.

What are the Characteristics of good name?
According to my own experience in SEO and internet marketing, I have derived some characteristics to choose good name for your online business. I think this list may help you choose the best one for your website. So here it is…

  1. It must highlight the type of your website professionally so that your visitors can easily understand you and your business by your domain name only.
  2. It must include the main keyword of your website niche if you want to depend you search engine traffic (actually you must).
  3. It should be given most appropriate extension like .com, .in, .info etc… If you are targeting your online business to your locality or your country you must go with the country domain like .us or .uk extensions other wise choosing .com is preferable. However as it is very hard to get good name with .com extension for highest competition, you may go with .net or .info domain also.

Best strategy that I follow to choose domain name for my blog.

What I do is I select one main niche keyword and then go to makewords website for getting domain suggestions around the main keyword using predefined profiles like top 100 keywords, top suffix and prefix and so on. I go through the available domain list and select few that I like more. I also ad few names from my mind also that are available to this list.

Once the list of available domain names are created, I start talking to my friends and colleagues for their domain suggestions. You can also do the voting for best domain name from the above created list.

Choosing domain name for the first time seems a difficult and most confusing task, but it’s not really. If you follow above describe strategy to choose best domain name for your business blog, you will surely end up with the best one.