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Rank High In Google Doing Forum Posting

You must be surprised by my statement that you can actually rank higher just by posting on a forum!!! But this is true. Let me explain it in a simple way. Let us start with the definition of forum. Forums are basically online discussion boards. People with similar interests and background come to [...]

Google Penalty

Google Penalty: Fooling Google, Yahoo and other search engines is not that easy. You can’t come up with any shortcut to reach the top of any search engines. The search engines comes to know about it, they can ban your site. Google can cause you penalty by decreasing your search engine ranking. The [...]

Affiliation Marketing

Affiliation Marketing: This is a simple way to earn income through commissions. It works on a simple base. Suppose you are a seller of product or service and I am your agent that is helping you to sell your service/product. Now for every visitor/client/customer, that I bring to you, you pay me [...]

PLR Articles

PLR Articles: PLR stands for private label rights. Thus PLR articles are the private label rights article. This is one of the way to generate income for private free lancers and content writers. In this they get paid for writhing the articles, but the only thing is the authorship will be in the [...]

Inbound Links / Backlinks

Inbound/Backlink: This is the most important factor affecting SEO. You can increase your search engine ranking to soaring heights if you have good number of backlinks. Backlink in a simple term is a link from one website,web-page, directory, domain to another website, web-page or domain. Thus you [...]
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